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Massive congratulations to Tory Robbins
who has qualified for the KBIS Novice winter dressage championships at the Area 5 dressage competition at Moreton Morrell

The Junior Team came an amazing 4th overall with an individual 4th place for Lani King, individual 5th place for Tory and even though Freya Brown felt her horse wasn't feeling very well they managed to pull a fab score to enable the team to be placed overall 4th!!!

Best wishes are sent to Olivia Taylor the 4th team member, who was injured before the competition and had to withdraw

Everyone hopes you get better soon

Area 5 News
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British Riding Clubs 2018
Hat Rules and Tagging

British Eventing, British Riding Clubs and The Pony Club are delighted to announce that they have joined together to unify the hat standards across all three Member Bodies; resulting in a single hat tag being accepted across British Eventing, The Pony Club and British Riding Club events in 2018.

The new ‘aqua’ coloured hat tag will carry the logo of the body that checks the hat so that the source of the tagging can be tracked and will mean that riders no longer have to wear multiple tags on their hats.

The 2018 hat rules includes a small change to the AS/NZS 3838 standard for The Pony Club and British Eventing, both of which will now only be accepting from 2006 onwards.
All three bodies will use an aide memoire that will list the standards and quality assurance marks and will be used by officials.

Body Protector Reminder

As from 1 January 2018 a BETA Level 3 2000 purple label will no longer be accepted. Body protectors must meet BETA Level 3 2009 purple label or after. The ONLY exception to the requirement for a BETA Level 3 2009 purple label is that Exo Body Cages will continue to be accepted, provided they have a BETA Level 3 2000 purple label. Riders wearing Exo Body Cage protectors must inform the secretary at all events. Body protectors should be fitted and worn as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Thanks NORC!

NORC at Blenheim

Claire Minett flying the flag for NORC at Blenheim

Freya Browne riding Newlands Kaiser
in the Junior 100cm Eventer Challenge
at Aston Le Walls

Freya is wearing her Base Layer and using a Numnah
from the Official NORC Clothing and Merchandise Collection

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Head Cameras and other Wearable Cameras

BRC have advised all members that the wearing of video recording
cameras are banned for BRC competitions and may invalidate your